Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching
​Tree Services Frederick, MD

We offer mulching service in Frederick to help encourage healthy roots in your trees on your property. Mulching can bring many goals that are healthy for the roots of your trees.

Mulching helps aerate the soil where the roots are growing. By doing this it creates more space in the soil for oxygen and water, which are the two most important elements for a healthy root production for your trees.

One of the largest problems for roots is called compaction. This leads to anaerobic activity in the soil. this also leaves very little room for water, which is vital to a trees health in order for it to grow.

​Mulching also assists in adding organic material into the soil around the entire root system on the tree. This organic material breakdowns into the soil, adds aeration, gives food for beneficial micro-organisms/organic compounds which is very important to the trees nutrition.

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