Crane Service & Aerial Lift

Crane Service & Aerial Lift 
Tree Services Frederick, MD

​At Tree Service Frederick, we realize removal is the only option for many trees in certain situations. Come time to actually remove the dangerous tree, whether it is due to a storm, too many limbs falling, invasive dealy species, in a dangerous area, of it is basically dead, our tree services in Frederick will provide all the necessary, proper tools and expert knowledge in order to remove the particular tree safely. We have the most comprehensive up to date necessary equipment, all the proper rigging, professional and well-trained crew, and the best in industry partnerships, in order to provide you with the best, safe and efficient tree removal from your property. 

In order to remove the tree safely off your property, we use aerial lifts, cranes, and of course the climbers in order to access and rig the trees safely. Our professional and highly-experienced riggers/climbers are trained in the latest industry standards/regulations, We all have decades of professional experience to handle any tree removal job, no matter how small of big.

Aerial Lift Tree Removal in Frederick uses aerial lifts, in many occasions, in order to get the safe adn correct access to the tree for the removal. In order to safely cut and remove any tree, our aerial lift provides a safe platform from which to rig the tree safely and do our work from. In most occasions, an aerial lift is the only safe option for storm-damaged trees, dead trees, or compromised trees.

Crane Removal in Frederick use cranes on an as-needed basis for any client. Some of the situations that we need to use our crane for a tree removal is:

  • Hard to access
  • Over valuable property, needs to be removed
  • Fallen and compromised your property
  • Dead to safely climb or access with our aerial lift
  • Many more reasons

Our cranes have helped our business provide all clients with a low-impact removal on their property. With the traditional tree removal techniques, your yard will have large amounts of heavy material and equipment moving on and off, which will damage your landscaping. Our cranes allow us to literally not have to impact a clients yard. We remove the trees by lifting them from the yard and placing them onto the street where we then process then into smaller pieces and put them through our chipper. For a much higher production rate, our crane does all the heavy lifting in a more efficient and faster process.  

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