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Emergency Tree Service: What to Consider?
Rough weather circumstances can make the trees to collapse and may pose danger to properties, animals and even for traffic. That’s the reason why it is better to have our Emergency Tree Service in Frederick move the dead trees that is planted near or close in vicinity to built-up properties. It is really dangerous especially during the storms with stron winds. In every year, there is a large number of trees that fall on houses, electricity poles, people, and cars and so on and what makes it more alarming is that the number of casualty is pretty high. Many homeowners suffer from this unfortunate event and end up bearing the heavy damage to their properties. In spite of such event and hefty losses, people are usually unaware of what they should do.

They normally think this way:

  • Is this event covered by my insurance company?
  • Which tree has fallen? Is it mine, or my neighbors’’?
  • My tree has fallen to other built-up property, do I need to pay or am I liable for this?
  • Will the local tree service provider handle this matter?
  • How much time would it take to fix my property and relocate the fallen tree completely?
  • Whom should I call to fix this problem?

Those are the genuine questions that arises during those kind of emergency situation. Luckily, in this kind of event, we will assist with your insurance company in order for them to take care all the necessity for youremergency tree removal. The insurance company will also send a representative that will do the negotiations and close the deal. Usually, the deal includes the amount of compensation and taking care of the process of the fallen tree. 

Since generally, trees are falling on the roofs, the insurance company also covers that. They will provide you information about the total estimated time in relocating the fallen tree and how are they going to deal with it. Equipment and machines such as trolleys, cranes, manpower and etc. are required in the entire process but still, all of this will be handled by us at Tree Service Frederick, along with your insurance company. 

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24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Response